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We'd Like To Handle Your Next Medical Equipment & Consumables Supplies

What We Do

We source, supply and deliver all general medical equipment, laboratory products, dental supplies and surgical supplies across the entire country.

We'd Like To Handle Your Next Medical Equipment & Consumable Supplies

Do You find buying Medical Equipment & Consumables a time-consuming and painful experience?

If Yes, then fret no more!

Lets introduce to You our Free Delivery Program.  With this, You don’t have to leave your Clinic, Pharmacy, Medical Center or Hospital.

Stay put and have your Medical equipment and Consumables delivered direct to you without lifting a finger!

We are open from Mondays to Fridays 8AM to 5PM, Saturday 9AM to 1PM

Laboratory Products

Surgical Products

Imaging Products

General Medical Equipment

Dental Equipment

Our Mission

To improve health and the well-being of the diverse partners and clients that we serve through sourcing, supplying and delivering the right, quality yet affordable medical tools and equipment

Our Vision

A healthy, safe and active population where all people have access to the right, quality yet affordable medical(care) tools and equipment.

Core Values

We are reliable | We are customer focused | We are collaborative | We are cost effective | We are sustainable

About Us

We offer the top of the range Medical Equipment and Consumables in Uganda at the Lowest Prices, with the Quickest Delivery Time. As one of the biggest and longest- running Medical Equipment & Consumable Suppliers in the Industry, we Pride ourselves on giving you and your Clinic, Pharmacy, Medical Center and Hospital Unrivaled Products, Support and Service.

We Partner with Pharmacies, Clinic, Medical Centers and Hospitals of all sizes- to help make their Medical Equipment & Consumables Purchase and Delivery Operation Smooth, Professional and Cost- Effective.

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