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COVID-19: All You Need to Know About the Infrared Non-Body Contact Thermometer

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and other places that admit lots of strangers have been armed with means of identifying who among their visitors have abnormal temperatures, a known symptom of the novel coronavirus.

One of the gadgets that the medics have armed us with is the Infrared Non-Body Contact Thermometre or otherwise known as the Temperature Gun. It infers temperature from a portion of thermal radiation emitted by an object.

It is called a Temperature Gun because its in the shape of a pistol gun. The Thermometre determines an object’s temperature accurately because it uses the infrared light from the object to the detector called a thermophile.

The thermophile absorbs radiation from the object, turns it into electricity which is sent to the detector that tells the temperature of whatever the thermometer points at.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, now its advised by health workers to keep a distance from one another of about 2 metres and the ability of this Non Body Contact Thermometer to measure temperature at a distance makes it a must have for most people.


Put the gun close to one’s forehead, press the button and the black lit screen will show you the detection body temperature.

This thermometer is so easy to use, however, one should get close enough to target for measurement in oder to always get accurate results.

Always keep the thermometer lens clean with no scratches and put it back in a box when its not being used.

What to Consider When Purchasing One

A good quality Infrared Non Body Contact Thermometer can be durable as long as you take good care of it but you need to focus on these two aspects when choosing one.

  1. Test it several times for accuracy before purchase and check the emissivity and temperature range. Emissivity is the ability to read temperatures of different materials as this depends on how it allows you to adjust the amount of energy it emits.
  2. You also need to choose one with a quick read speed and recording functions.

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